Perfect Serenity Chimera Mattress

Perfect Serenity Chimera Mattress

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Imagine sleeping on a bed of feather-light clouds‰Û_ so pleasantly cozy and reassuringly sturdy. Soft and cushiony on the surface, firm and solid underneath ‰ÛÒ such is the unique beauty of Perfect Serenity Chimera. Enjoy not only soft comfort and firm support but also the feeling of cool freshness all night long.


Perfect Serenity Chimera Mattress

What‰۪s in the Box: 1 pc Mattress

Perfect Serenity Chimera is created with two layers of premium-quality foam that never feels too cushiony or too hard but always just perfect.

The top layer is made of convoluted foam which provides a superior degree of softness and cushion. It also allows excellent air circulation and better weight distribution so you can be assured of relief and comfort throughout the night.

The bottom layer is made of high-density foam. It ensures a durable, firm base that balances the softness of the convoluted foam. Unlike ordinary foam, high-density foam does not break down so it can retain its original shape and density for years.

Strategically designed to create a space between the core and the mattress surface, the advanced 3D Spacer Fabric on the side panel provides a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. It ensures ventilation throughout the foam for a cool, fresh feeling all night long.

Perfect Serenity Chimera features a main panel covered with knitted fabric that feels soft, smooth and comfortable.

Perfect Serenity Chimera is treated with Sanitizedå¨ so you‰۪re always assured of a clean and safe sleeping environment without germs or microbes. It prevents and controls growth of bacteria so the mattress stays fresh, hygienic and comfortable for years.


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