Perfect Serenity Mirage Mattress

Perfect Serenity Mirage Mattress

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In this heavenly bed of idyllic comfort, enjoy the pleasures of balance and harmony. Perfect Serenity Mirage strikes a balance between softness and firmness, promises a cool and fresh fabric-feel, and delivers just the right level of comfort and support.


Perfect Serenity Mirage Mattress

What‰۪s in the Box: 1 pc Mattress

Perfect Serenity Mirage is constructed with two layers of high-quality foam to ensure medium-firm perfection:

The first layer is made of Perma Green Foam. It provides a comfortable cushion that softly cradles your body and soothes your pressure points.

The second layer is made of Purifoamå¨ for real support your body can feel. Purifoamå¨ also provides protection from allergy-causing microbes.

With this combination of layers, the Mirage mattress ensures a harmonious mix of dependable firmness and delightful softness so you get a very balanced feel of comfort no matter how you sleep.

3D Spacer fabric ensures ventilation throughout the foam for a cool, fresh feeling all night long

Features a main panel covered with knitted fabric that feels soft, smooth and comfortable.

The foam of Perfect Serenity Mirage is treated with Sanitized that keeps your mattress invitingly clean, fresh, and free from molds and bacteria.
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